How to Prep to Paint Your House

Preparing beforehand for professional painters

Here is a brief overview of a few things you can tackle a head of the painters:

Before you start find out from the painting company what prep they expect you to do. Some painting firms will take care of at least some prep…in accordance with your arrangement.

1 – Wall Hangings

It’s a good idea to take off anything that may be hanging on the walls to be painted and putting them in a safe place.

2 – Remove Ornaments

The same also goes for any free-standing decorative bits and pieces you might have about the place. Your painters will probably bring protective sheets, it’s still a better idea to move them as far out of harm’s way as possible. Even if it’s simply a case of moving them into another room at the time being, anything you can do to minimize the likelihood of them being damaged is a good thing.

3 – Consider Access and Obstructions

The easier it is for your painting team to get the job done, the faster and more efficiently it will be done. Not only this, but faster and easier paint jobs can also be considerably cheaper than those that are unnecessarily challenging. It is a good idea to carefully consider access and any obstructions that could potentially get in the way of the painters. Think about where they will need to walk, where they will need to position their equipment and where they will need to work. Move bulky items of furniture out of the way where possible and keep as much of the area to be worked on as possible free of obstructions.

4 – Curtains, Rugs and Throws

Absolutely anything of value that can be moved away from the area to be painted should be moved prior to the painting team’s arrival. This includes any curtains, rugs, throws and soft furnishings in general that could potentially be damaged or destroyed by surprise paint splashes.  

5 – Clean the Room

It’s also a very good idea to give the room as a whole a full and deep clean, prior to the new paint being applied. The last thing you want is to allow dust and dirt already in the room to be kicked up into the air and settle on the surface of your once-flawless new paint, before it even had a chance to dry.

7 – Vacate the Area

Again for reasons that are relatively obvious, be sure to plan in advance for the painters and ensure that kids, pets and people in general are kept as far away from the work space as possible. You might even be able to arrange for the job to be done and finished while nobody’s home at all!

8 – Ask in Advance

Last but not least, be sure to get in touch with your chosen team of painters as far in advance as possible, in order to ask outright what exactly you need to do by way of prep.